Sunday, June 16, 2013


He designed capes for Elvis Presley, suits for Elton John & Stevie Wonder, hand lace pants for Al Green, fringe jackets for Jimmy Hendrix's at Woodstok, jackets for Michael Jackson and iconic bikinis for Raquel Welch. A creative genius who worked hard to follow his dreams. I am honored to call this man my father, a man who would do anything to make others happy, and nurture their passion and ambition. Thank you Dad for guiding me into to becoming my true self. Your unconditional support has allowed me to find myself and taught me to take advantage of our time on earth by following our hearts to not worry, and be happy.    
Catalogue Fall 1987

Cindy Crawford, Spring 1988

Michael Jackson's Bad Jacket 
Elvis Presley in a hand laced leather suit
Raquel Welch in Iconic leather bikini
Charlize Theron on the runway Fall 1994
Catalogue Holiday 1991 
Cindy Crawford, Catalogue Spring 1986
Carla Bruni Spring 1990
Spring Catalogue 1989 
Fun Fact: when this Spring 1990 catalogue was shot Mick Jagger kept calling my dad on set begging him to have Carla Bruni take off for a few days so he could steal her for a getaway. 

Catalogue Spring 1991
Carla Bruni, Spring 1990

Spring Catalogue 1989
Ok so the last picture isn't real, but he did design the 8 ball jacket, and I just couldn't resist adding it after finding this funny edit on TUMBLR!