Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The LA Files: Coachella ☮ Style

April in Los Angeles:

This can only mean one thing COACHELLA is upon us once again....

And it's time for us Angelinos to finally get a good tan, listen to live music, play with our friends, possibly fall in love and most importantly dress up like the dessert is our own personal runway show.

As someone who has been given the privilege to travel to many different places around the world, Coachella has topped my list of favorite getaways and joined a spot on a shelf in my memory of favorite which includes the beaches of Juans les Pins, market places in Hong Kong, and secret hikes on Kauai. This southern Californian festival is unlike anything I've ever experienced before a magical place where the word bliss doesn’t even begin to cover the feeling you get from spending three days in this dessert oasis.

Some people choose to ridicule this festival and all the people who attend, but they just don’t get it. No one is taking themself seriously, its just three days out of the year where we can escape from reality and just try to have a good time. I promise you, unless you have no soul you will have the time of your life.

Now for those of you that ridicule the style at these festivals you can click the red x on the left side of this page because frankly I don't want any of your negative energy around here. Style is an important part of everyday life so why wouldn’t it be a huge component at a festival that fuses together music and art.

So tune in later this week, for a breakdown of outfit inspirations and a list of local Los Angeles companies to check out! 

A bientôt!
bisou bisou, Catherine

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The LA Files: W I L D F O X L A G O O N @ SKYBAR

Wildfox Lagoon

get totally lost 

When it comes to sunshine, relaxation, and most importantly parties Wildfox Couture sets the standard for the ultimate Los Angeles lifestyle. Last night we were invited to the Wildfox Lagoon spring 2014 collection launch party at the Skybar on the Sunset Strip. With a pool in the center of it all, candles twinkling along with the LA skyline we were transported to bliss. The new collection features a wide array of textures and styles from pink lobster print bikinis, embellished cutoffs jeans, and sweaters that encourage you to live life like you’re always on vacation. Keep your eye out for Wildfox lagoon you will surely want every item from the collection. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome to the LA files

Los Angeles. 

Fast cars, palm trees, Sunset Blvd, fish tacos, smoke, IMAGE. 

It’s a city that stretches from breezy coast, up secluded hills, and down colossal valleys. A city as diverse geographically as it is in population. With the allure of Hollywood life, consistent creative stimulation, and perfect weather every month except for June people from all across the globe migrate to this city for a taste of this exclusive concoction. 

Los Angeles is an beautiful controversy, it is fast paced yet also extremely laid back. Live music, expensive cars, colorful graffiti, sandy toes, neon lights, celebrity faces, and mini skirts fill the streets, and creativity oozes out into the air. 

Welcome to a carnival city. Enjoy the ride. 

A bientôt!

bisou bisou, Catherine

Saturday, February 15, 2014

lazy days in los angeles

The weather in LA has been spectacular the past few months. The west coast apparently has stolen all the good weather and acacia bikinis and one teaspoon shorts have become our permanent winter wardrobe. 2014 is a year to readjust and grow, and there is no way to accomplish that without a clear mind and help from loved ones. Here are a few snapshots from these sunny days in hollywood.