Saturday, May 4, 2013

Do you think people change?

Finals week begins Monday and during a coffee break in the sun, my friend Scott and I began to reminisce on the past. Intertwined with discussions on summer internships and our out look on the future our conversation began sparking reflections on life. At some point within the conversation he asked me "do you think people change?", and for an instant memories began flashing through my head.

After a morning creating study guides on Simone de Beauvoir and her lover Sartre I must have been been inspired to think about my own philosophy of existence and came up with the following answer.

Change tends to be looked at as an alteration from one thing to a completely different other, but is it really that black and white? Is change just a magician transforming a dove into bunny rabbit, or is it natural just as caterpillars turning into butterflies? When we ask if a person has changed, what are we asking for: if they’re a completely different person then whom they were before or if they have evolved from their past selves? To change isn’t to become a different person, but to addapt and learn from your existence through life and transform into your present self. I feel we forget sometimes that the person we were 10 years ago, the person we were when we were 3, and the person we were last week are still apart of who we are today. We aren’t reborn with each new stage in our lives but rather carry who we are from birth to create who we are in the present, people equipped to become who we will be in the future.

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