Sunday, May 5, 2013

F I N A L S w e e k

It's a gloomy afternoon here in Los Angeles, and after a morning of non-stop studying (and getting my laundry done might I add) I felt deserving of a little break to ease my mind. 

When it comes to studying for finals, I am not the person who can lock themselves in a room, away from any outside temptations and only come out to take exams. Instead, I follow a different routine that keeps me calmed, focused, and rejuvenated. 

Wherever it is I choose to study, I make sure it's illuminated with natural light. There is nothing more calming than soft light from the sun, and will make even the most dreadful subjects more enjoyable.

Stay hydrated with water and tea to keep your mind and body fresh and alert. I love adding a few mint leaves, lemon juice, or sliced cucumbers for a instant burst of flavor. As an extra bonus, staying hydrated keeps your body well balanced and less likely to splurge on a food binge! Vegetable juices, orange juice with blended almonds, wheat grass shots, and coconut water are also wonderful additions to indulge in! 

When it comes to finals the motto is "comfy cozy" so bust out the sweat pants, Billie Jean Thermals, and Ballet Flats.

It is crucial for me to surround myself with little things that keep me happy and relaxed. Photographs, candles, and dangling lights are always my go-to's. 

It's always nice to get together with friends and classmates to polish up study guides, pass along notes, and overall support each other through these long days and nights. I always find that when verbally communicating subjects with others I tend to retain more information than when I rely solely on my written notes. 

Never forget to take the time to refresh yourself. Being alert and concentrated can be hard after hours of studying, so I try to keep myself going with these few tricks. Take a break, turn on an episode of Sex and the City or Friends, and fit in a quick workout for an easy boost of energy. I also love taking advantage of a hair and face mask, with soothing scents of lavender or soy to me feeling polished and alert. 

Happy Finals Everyone! 

Study hard, stay fresh, and BREATHE! 

PS. Sometimes all you need is a little mellow music to help you get through long hours of studying. I can't always have it on, but when fitting its a nice way to change up the ambiance. 

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