Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vive la France et Philly!


Who would have thought one could stumble upon so many French accents in a day touring around Philadelphia. I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to be in the city over the summer, discovering the east coast lifestyle full of art, history, and culture. What better day to uncover these francophone essences than on Bastille day! It's crazy to think that a month from today I will be on the beautiful beaches of the South of France with my best friend Chloe, tanning in the sun and dancing the nights away. Although I am excited to be in France in august, I never want this amazing internship to end. It's been a dream, filled with hard work and growth and I've never felt as fulfilled. It was nice to have a french day with my family, brunch at a bistro, and walks through the city streets but I'm glad for the next 4 weeks living in this wonderful American city.

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